All About Scams and Why Not to Shop on Black Friday, Advisory - Video

Scambook experts tell you everything you need to know

Black Friday is right around the corner and everyone is getting ready to shop until they drop. However, Black Friday is not just about fabulous deals. There’s something you should know about the scams that make the rounds this time of year and the little secrets retailers don’t want you to know about.

Experts from Scambook have issued a couple of advisories aimed at helping shoppers avoid ending up in unwanted situations.

First, let’s take a look at the cybercriminal schemes.

A number of malicious email purporting to come from major retailers such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy, promoting Black Friday offers, have been seen landing in inboxes. The advertisements have been found to contain attachments that hide viruses and other pieces of malware.

Some of these malicious messages are designed to hijack email accounts and use them to spam the victim’s contacts.

Social media networks have been flooded with malicious posts that pretend to point to YouTube videos. In reality, they’re designed to convince users to install fake Flash Player updates that contain malware.

Experts also warn about blackhat SEO. When searching for Black Friday promotions, internauts could be presented with results which point to websites controlled by fraudsters.

For instance, searching for “Best Buy Black Friday Deals” might land you on a website that’s cleverly set up to serve scareware.

Scams aren’t the only problem when it comes to Black Friday shopping. Consumer experts warn shoppers that they might not find the lowest prices on the day after Thanksgiving.

Instead, better deals are often found before or after Black Friday.

However, with all the TV commercials, radio and newspaper ads, and online banners, consumers might be tricked into thinking that the deals are unbelievable. So, be careful not to let all the marketing schemes cloud your judgment and think before you dive into a shopping spree.

Finally, retailers tend to adjust their return and exchange policies during this time of year. Last year, Scambook recorded a large number of complaints after Black Friday from customers who’ve had some bad experiences.

Here’s an amusing (but also very serious) video featuring Spambook’s Kevan.

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