Aliens: Colonial Marines Bombed with Negative Reviews on Metacritic

Both users and professional reviewers aren't happy with the new shooter

Aliens: Colonial Marines has just been released worldwide by Sega and Gearbox Software and already both players and professional reviewers have started bombarding the game with lots of critiques and negative reviews on website such as Metacritic.

Plenty of Aliens fans have looked forward to the release of Colonial Marines for quite some time, as developer Gearbox wanted to deliver a truly impressive experience that respected the movie series.

Sadly, after the game's release earlier today, it seems that Aliens: Colonial Marines hasn't exactly thrilled gamers or reviewers alike.

Instead, both categories of players have bombarded the game with negative reviews on aggregator website Metacritic.

Many quote the disappointing graphics, the repetitive campaign, the lack of respect towards the movies, and the way-too-hectic gameplay that doesn't really focus on delivering a remotely scary experience, like the one from the films.

The current user review score on Metacritic is at 5.0/10 for the PC version and 4.3/10 for the Xbox 360. For other editions like the PS3 or Wii U ones, reviews haven't been submitted just yet.

"The singleplayer prides itself over pretending to be a multiplayer match from Call of Duty. You got your hitmarkers and accompanied sounds, kill streak notifications, along with achievements popping up all the time and most notably, weapon/attachment unlocks in Singleplayer. That's not where the similarities to CoD ends however," another user complained.

"The entire experience is heavily scripted, having you move through linear corridors, and before you know the word of it, you're shooting at other sentient human beings in an Alien game. Their AI, along with your teammates' and even the Xenomorphs' are broken to say the least. They'll run past you, they'll stop up and stare at you, and apart from scripted events they'll act as turrets that do nothing but shoot/jump at you."

While negative reviews from regular users isn't that uncommon, professional websites have also given it extremely low scores, as the PC version has an average of 39/100 while the Xbox 360 is at 44/100.

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