AlienVault Releases Unified Security Management 4.1 Platform

The new version provides security visibility for Amazon EC2

Unified security management solutions provider AlienVault has released the 4.1 version of its Unified Security Management (USM) platform. The new variant simplifies and speeds Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) deployments and provides security visibility for Amazon EC2.

The platform offers asset detection, threat detection, vulnerability assessment, behavioral monitoring and security intelligence capabilities by bringing together over 30 of the best security technologies.

“Lack of security visibility and control is a primary concern when businesses move workloads to the cloud. Traditional SIEM solutions are extremely limited in their ability to monitor cloud environments, leaving companies with siloed assets and glaring holes in their security risk posture,” said Russ Spitler, VP of product management at AlienVault.

“By enabling the AV-USM platform to monitor Amazon EC2, AlienVault customers can lower their costs, optimize their IT environments and get security wherever they need it to be, without sacrificing visibility in their own private datacenters or the public cloud.”

Besides support for Amazon EC2 cloud environments, the new AV-USM 4.1 also extends SIEM functionality by providing analysts with customized, contextually relevant workflow procedures that help them respond to incidents.

Furthermore, when deployed, it automatically identifies potential data sources. It also provides an alternative to the SNORT intrusion detection system engine.

“Since our business is completely built on IaaS providers, we need to find a way to get reliable security visibility in this environment,” explained Fredrick Lee, lead security engineer for Twilio.

“A lot of traditional security solutions fall short when facing the challenges of deploying in the cloud. AlienVault USM provides a great way to deploy the security capabilities I find essential - IDS, vulnerability assessment, SIEM - quickly and completely.”

Besides the new Unified Security Management platform, AlienVault has also launched the AlienVault Repository of Knowledge, a new documentation portal.

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