Alien Face Spotted on Aurora Photos

A photographer was snapping shots of the Iceland sky when he came across a strange image

The face of an ET character seems to appear in this shot by landscape photographer Iurie Belegurschi. He noted the alienesque creature appeared in photos he took of the Iceland sky.

29-year-old Iurie, from Moldova, was attempting to capture the "Aurora Borealis" in Iceland. The Aurora, or northern lights, is a phenomenon in which natural light creates expansive patterns in the sky, bringing the night to life.

The photographer believes he captured more than just a natural phenomenon on tape. He claims the image didn't stick out as he was taking the shots, but became evident as he started browsing through them.

“I didn’t see the alien face during shooting, but when I came home I checked my photographs on the computer and I saw it. It’s unbelievable, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he says, according to the Sun.

Although I can make out the eyes and the large, bulb-shaped head of an “alien,” I am not convinced that, if aliens exist, they look anything like Hollywood filmmakers depict them.

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