Alicia Keys Sings National Anthem at Super Bowl 2013 – Video

She put her own spin on the “Star Spangled Banner” at biggest sporting event of the year

Alicia Keys sang the National Anthem at last night’s Super Bowl XLVII and, regardless of whether you liked it or not, you should probably know it was the longest rendition ever recorded.

Check it out in the video above.

While fans continue to debate whether Keys’ spin on the “Star Spangled Banner” was pure genius or too overdone, USA Today notes that, at the very least, it was the longest version of the Anthem ever.

“According to noted anthem expert David Barron, this version clocked in at 156.4 seconds. That beats the previous length record at the Super Bowl, which was held by Natalie Cole's 152-second performance in 1994,” the publication reports.

For the sake of comparison, Kelly Clarkson sang it last year at the Super Bowl in just a little over 90 seconds.

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