Alicia Keys Brings “Girl on Fire” at the Inaugural Ball – Video

Grammy winner puts a new spin on her hit single, to mark the historical occasion

Alicia Keys was just one of the performers at last night’s Inaugural Ball held at the Washington Convention Center last night, but she was the only one to pay such a touching tribute to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Check out her performance in full in the video above.

After a short speech asking for “help” from those in the audience, the Grammy-winning singer launched into her latest hit single, “Girl on Fire.”

This being the Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball, after all, Alicia opted to put a new spin on her song, and made it all about Obama.

“Obama’s on Fire” would have been a better name for it after she was done.

Once she was done performing, Alicia continued to address the guests, thanking organizers for the honor and sharing her joy at having been made part of such a historical moment.

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