Algiz XRW Rugged Notebook Launched by Handheld Group

The mobile computer is meant for use in areas with hazardous conditions

Handheld Group has been selling the Algiz XRW laptop for a while, but the company decided it was time for a new one to debut.

The newcomer keeps the name and measures 10.1 inches in screen diagonal.

It uses a dual-core Intel Atom N2600 processor as the heart (1.6 GHz) and backs it up with 4 GB RAM.

It also boasts a 128 GB SSD and optional Gobi 3000 technology, the latter for better Wi-Fi than normal.

Basically, the new Algiz is faster than its predecessor and has twice the RAM capacity.

The LCD even features MaxView technology, which grants wide viewing angles.

As for what makes the item rugged, the list of protections includes a touch case with IP65 rating (sand, dust and water defense), the ability to survive drops from 1.2 meters, and extreme temperature endurance (-20 C to 55 C).

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