Alfred Hitchcock Says: Don’t Use Your Cell Phone in the Theater – Video

Anthony Hopkins fights for improved movie experience with new PSA

Sir Anthony Hopkins will be seen next in “Hitchcock” this November, a film in which he takes on the role of the iconic film director Alfred Hitchcock. Above is a PSA he recorded in character.

Called “Don’t Use Your Cell Phone in the Theater,” the PSA argues that nothing is more horrifying than seeing or hearing a patron texting or talking on the phone during a movie.

As such, Hitchcock himself is urging fans not to do it.

Of course, the PSA is part of the promo campaign for the film, which is already generating some Oscar buzz, but that’s not what makes the video stand apart, but rather the fact that it was shot on a cell phone.

In a theater, that is. On a cell phone that should have not been used.

In other words, someone clearly missed the whole point of the PSA.

“Hitchcock” is directed by Sacha Gervasi, and drops on November 23.

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