Alexander Calder Sold for $12 (€9) at Goodwill Is Worth $9K (€7K)

An original lithograph bought in Milwaukee can be sold for 750 times its Goodwill price

A woman from Milwaukee is now the proud owner of this original Alexander Calder lithograph, which she bought at a Goodwill location.

The buyer reportedly acquired the piece because it was titled “Red Nose,” The Spreadit writes. She had imagined the artist was recreating a reindeer, and she is likely to feel the Christmas spirit this year.

Imagine her surprise when she found out that the piece she paid $12 (€9) for, which includes the price of the frame, is worth an estimated $9K (€7K). American artist Alexander Calder had drawn it as part of a 1969 series.

This is not the first time treasures are found at Goodwill. Just last month, art experts discovered that a location in Tacoma, Washington was selling a sketch by surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

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