Alec Baldwin Goes Against Horse-Drawn Carriages on “30 Rock”

Horses are “dignified creatures,” must be treated accordingly, Jack Donaghy believes

According to green group PETA, one of 30 Rock's upcoming episodes is to deal with a most pressing issue: that of having horse-drawn carriages in New York.

Thus, Alec Baldwin's character (i.e. Jack Donaghy) is to make a case of how such means of urban transportation are no more and no less than “rolling torture wagons for nature's most dignified creature.”

In case anyone was wondering, Alec Baldwin and his character are on the same page as far as the practice of using horses to draw carriages is concerned.

“It reflects my personal belief that New York should join Toronto, London, and Paris in outlawing hansom cabs from city centers,” the celebrity says.

Both PETA and Alec Baldwin agree that making horses draw carriages means that the animals are exposed to exhaust fumes and either too hot or too cold weather.

As well as this, the animals can very easily get hit by a car and suffer extensive injuries.

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