Alec Baldwin Thrashes the Post for Siding with Stalker / Alleged Lover

Genevieve Sabourin talks to the publication, actor blows a fuse on Twitter

Alec Baldwin is not the kind of man who would mince his words, and he’s definitely not doing so now that the New York Post has sided with his longtime stalker Genevieve Sabourin after she was jailed for violating a protection order.

The Canadian actress was jailed the other day for violating the order barring her from contacting the actor or his wife, but that did not seem to matter for the Post, which ran an exclusive interview with her in which she claimed she was the victim, with the Post clearly siding with her in the way it presented her case to the public.

Not only did the publication thrash the actor for sleeping with Sabourin and then dumping her over text, but it also implied he called the cops on her when all she wanted was an explanation face to face, not by phone.

As was to be expected, Baldwin is having none of it, taking to his Twitter page to vent (see the full thread here).

“when some1 is arrested + brought up on charges, the DA's office functions as a state agency, and does not respond, like a concierge,” the actor writes, shutting down talk that he somehow had a hand in the woman’s arrest.

Baldwin goes on to urge the world to stop reading and buying the newspaper, which he describes as “the worst newspaper in human history” which happens to have one of the most shameless editors out there.

“Shame on them for politicizing a criminal case […] and shame on the morally bankrupt partisan trash Andrea Peyser, who demeans all women by inferring that a charge of criminal harassment is overkill when the defendant is a woman,” he says.

“The ‘lovesick’ defense, most women I know insist that women enjoy equal rights and inherit equal responsibilities in all things,” Baldwin further explains.

He’s not exaggerating at all about how the Post sided with his stalker. Here is the original article.

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