Alea Jacta Est Goes Back in Time with Birth of Rome

Players will be able to fight Samnites, Gauls, Carthage

By on January 24th, 2013 22:08 GMT

The development team at AGEOD announces that its next video game is called Alea Jacta Est – Birth of Rome, designed to take history lovers and strategy players back to the first few years of the Republic and give them a chance to re-create the events that led it to greatness.

The core engine and mechanics are the same as in Alea Jacta Est and will include five full scenarios:

The 3rd Samnite War – pits Rome and her Etruscan allies against the Samnites between 298 and 291 BC;
The Senones War – Rome battles a Gallic tribe in Northern Italy and avenges the sacking that took place in 390 BC;
Pyrrhic Victories – Pyrrhus of Epicurs is close to taking down the Republic in this conflict based around the entire mainland;
The First Punic War – a long war fought between 264 and 241 that sees Rome fight Carthage mainly via the sea and in Sicily, a very long campaign between 264 and 241 BC, pitting Rome against Carthage for the control of Sicily;
The Mercenary War – Cartage fights its own mercenaries in Northern Africa.