Alabama DHS Investigates Breach on Government IT Infrastructure

The cyberattack might be related to Anonymous' OpLastResort

A couple of days ago, representatives of the Alabama Department of Homeland Security (DHS) revealed that hackers had managed to breach state government servers. 

According to WSFA, officials didn’t name the target and no details were made public about what information had been stolen, but an investigation was launched into the matter.

While this might be the work of profit-driven cybercriminals, it might also have something to do with Anonymous’ Operation Last Resort (OpLastResort).

As part of this campaign, the hacktivists have breached the website of the US Sentencing Commission ( In addition, they claim to have hacked several other government IT infrastructures.

One of them is the site of the Eastern District of Michigan United States Probation Office (, which they have turned into a game of Asteroids.

If Anonymous has managed to hack into the domain, they could have easily accessed the domain used by an Alabama district court (or other entity) as well.

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