Alabama Angler Catches Monster 70 Lb (31 Kg) Striped Bass

James R. Bramlett broke the record for largest landlocked striped bass in the world

A fisherman has broken the record for reeling in the world's largest striped bass caught on land in Alabama.

According to Outdoor Life, James R. Bramlett caught the 70 lb (31 kg) bass featured above in Black Warrior River near the Gorgas Steam Plant.

65-year-old Bramlett has caught the striper during his last fishing trip before his wife is hospitalized for surgery.

The 45.5-inch long fish has been brought to land in approximately 20 minutes, and is sure to win Bramlett a world record. The first thing he did after having the monster fish in his hands was to call his wife.

The International Game Fish Association is yet to award the angler the record title, but the catch is almost 3 pounds (1.36 kg) bigger than that of previous record Hank Ferguson's from 1992.

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