Al Roker Admits to Pooping His Pants at the White House

Television personality gets frank about after effects of gastric bypass

Al Roker confidently stepped into the TMI zone the other night on NBC’s Dateline, when he admitted to going number 2 in his pants during a visit to the White House. Out of all the places in the world…

Check out the video above to his admission – granted, of course, you’re not the kind to be easily grossed out.

In all fairness, Roker’s story is not as funny as the headline might make it seem, because what happened to him usually happens to most of those who undergo gastric bypass surgery.

Roker went under the knife in March 2002 and, shortly afterwards, had to go to the White House to cover an event.

He believes he ate something he shouldn’t have and he ended by attending the event commando, after soiling himself. The rest is history, as they say.

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