AirHarp Is Played Perfectly Just by Pointing and Waving

This sophisticated app can play different timbres, melodies and keys

Harps aren't exactly the sort of musical instrument one would expect to see converted into an electronic version, unlike guitars for instance, and a certain developer managed not to raise the issue at all even though he did use lots of electronic equipment in his latest creation.

Rather than try to turn a harp into something similar to an electric guitar or violin, Adam Somers decided to completely translate the harp's resonance into an electronic, virtual application.

The result was the AirHarp app, which relies on a Leap Motion USB motion sensor device (up for pre-order here).

The sensor basically takes stock of which areas of the display the user is pointing at.

Different timbres, melodies and keys can be played, singularly or in groups.

Check out the video above for a demonstration or browse the C++ source code for the hack.

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