Air Sharing for iPhone Becomes a Free Download

Wireless backup solution available for free, for two full weeks

According to the folks at Avatron Software, “Air Sharing is the easiest way to take your documents with you and view them on the go”. Air Sharing generally costs seven bucks, but the generous company is now offering its application for free, for two full weeks. Don't miss out on it!

Once you install Air Sharing on your iPhone or iPod touch, the portable device becomes a handy storage environment. You can mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on any Mac, but also Windows or Linux computers, drag and drop files between your device and the computers, and even view many of the stored documents after leaving off with the iPhone / iPod touch in your pocket. Air Sharing lists an impressive amount of cool features on its very own page on the iTunes App Store, some of which are mentioned below.

- Familiar Finder-like file browser

- Use of Bonjour and WebDAV like iDisk for easy connection

- Controls to prevent, or to delay, iPhone auto-lock

- Mac OS X applications displayed with their own icons in file browser

- Color-coded formatting of source code files

- A folder popup for going back to previously viewed folders

- Automatic jump to last viewed location when opening a long document

- Pinch-to-zoom in the file browser to reveal more or less file information

- Full support for landscape orientation in every app feature.

Air Sharing supports Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard, Windows XP and Vista, Linux GNOME and KDE and pretty much every web browser out there. Avatron Software decided that security would also count as a top priority for users of Air Sharing. Thus, the application sports an optional password protection system and a public folder for guest access.

Since Air Sharing not only lets you store your vital data on your iPhone / iPod touch, viewable formats include Apple's own iWork Pages, Numbers, and Keynote (full resolution if saved with preview), Microsoft's Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (with limited support for XML formats), Web Archive web-page downloads packaged by Safari, PDF, HTML, RTF Rich Text Format, RTFD TextEdit documents with embedded images, Plain text many different file extensions, with Unicode support, Source code CC, Objective CC, and many others, movie, audio and image standard iPhone formats.

Air Sharing requires an iPhone or iPod touch running firmware 2.0 or later (currently at 2.0.2) and is available for free download (through 8 – 22 August) here on the iTunes App Store.

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