Air China Jet Allegedly Hits UFO While Flying at 26,000 Feet Above Ground

The passenger plane returns to the airport sporting a badly dented nose cone

A Boeing 757 passenger plane is believed to have had a very close encounter with a UFO. The jet was merely flying at some 26,000 feet (7,925 meters) above ground when it hit something.

Passengers and crew report that they heard a thud, and that, for a split second, the plane seemed to have lost its balance.

The incident left pilots with no choice except make an emergency landing. Luckily, no passengers and members of the crew were hurt, The Sun reports.

Once the Air China jet was back on the ground, it was discovered that whatever it hit had caused a dent in its nose cone.

Although planes are known to occasionally collide with birds flying at high altitudes, specialists say that the dent is simply too big and too deep for it to have been caused by birds, even if the plane hit an entire flock.

While some say that the Air China jet most likely had a mid-air crash with a drone, there are those who believe that the more “reasonable” explanation is that the aircraft either hit or got hit by a UFO.

Alien enthusiasts say that numerous reports of planes coming dangerously close to colliding with a UFO have surfaced over the years, and that it is only a matter of time before a more serious incident occurs.

For the time being, airline officials are refusing to share any information concerning what it was that damaged the aircraft.

UFO investigators fear that, should their theories be right, the officials will choose to forever remain silent on the topic.

“Whatever struck the aircraft will have left evidence. Analysis of the damaged nose cone should reveal microscopic traces of whatever struck the aircraft, or possibly even larger pieces of debris. So this is a solvable mystery.”

“The only question is, will the notoriously secretive Chinese authorities reveal the truth about what happened?” UFO investigator Nick Pope reportedly said.

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