AgiliaLinux 8.1.1 Features KDE 4.9.4

The distribution is powered by Linux kernel 3.6.11 and Qt 4.8.4

The team behind the AgiliaLinux operating system has announced a couple of days ago, on December 30, 2012, the immediate availability for download of AgiliaLinux 8.1.1.

Dubbed Telnyashka, and powered by Linux kernel 3.6.11 and KDE 4.9.4, the AgiliaLinux 8.1.1 is the first point release from the AgiliaLinux 8.1 series, bringing many fixes and improvements over the previous stable release.

Highlights of AgiliaLinux 8.1.1:

· Linux kernel 3.6.11;

· KDE Software Compilation 4.9.4;

· Qt 4.8.4;

· Fixed various Dbus issue related to the Openbox desktop environment, which caused the nm-applet to work incorrectly (it didn’t asked for the Wi-Fi key);

· Fixed some issues with dcron, which is now able to create pid-file, and the rc-service crond restart function works correctly (multiple cron instances were executed at the same time);

· Fixed the 32-bit build of the PHP package (extensions_dir led in / usr/lib64);

· Fixed calculation of required space during installation;

· Added the phonon-gstreamer package to the KDE environment, without which there were some issues with the sound system;

· Added support for the fbdev video driver and modesetting to the Live CD ISO images, which makes the distro work with Intel GMA500/600/3600/3650 video cards;

· Fixed an issue with hostname and the NetworkManager package, which cased X-marketing app to not be executed after a successful connection;

· Updated the libvdpau library to version 0.5, which fixed the “blue people” issue in YouTube;

· The Mozilla Firefox web browser now uses the default system language, not English;

· The Mpkg package manager now always uses the "safe" mode to update packages;

· Fixed a reverse lookup issue with the mpkg-checkconflicts package, which now allows you to see who erases the specified package;

· Fixed some fluxbox shutdown issues;

· Added Florence on-screen keyboard for tablet users;

· Various other small improvements and bug fixes.

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AgiliaLinux – Image courtesy of DistroWatch

AgiliaLinux 8.1.1 is distributed as Live DVD ISO images, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Download AgiliaLinux 8.1.1 right now from Softpedia.

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