Age of Conan Patch Already Launched

Duplication exploit apparently not fixed

This happens every now and then to just-released games: patching. Of course, after so many delays and beta tests, nobody would've believed that Age of Conan: Hyborian adventures, the game that has been getting so many great reviews and considered the only one able to win the throne held for so long by World of Warcraft, will need a patch so soon after its launch. And, to make things even worse, it seems that this patch doesn't even manage to fix a reported duplication exploit.

According to a Funcom forum post, the newly released patch takes care of a lot of things - generally small bugs and glitches (check the most important changes at the bottom), but more important things will follow (Tradepost NPCs, Field of the Dead performance improvement, UI changes, Chat colors and fixes, Various technical issues with hardware configurations - to name just a few) But, even though the developers know about the frustration of the players, they still have no idea when a new patch hits the servers.

"Please rest assured that we are indeed listening to your feedback and that it is very important to us to hear what our customers think. Even if you might not always get a direct answer to your questions in a post doesn't mean that we don't notice and forward them to the right people. We are very much looking forward to the weeks, months and years to come. The launch of an MMO is always just the beginning of an exciting journey. The first step has been made now," the official message stated.

And we're waiting. Until then, here are the most important changes made by the recently released patch:

-Characters should no longer get stuck when they zone into Lacheish Plains.

-Nalla now has a more solid supply of items to sell.

-Invading the Supply Camp: It is now possible to trick Supply Master Vorgir to come out of his tent by destroying his ale cask.

-Xan's Bounty: A message in the bottle will now send you on a journey to kill an ape queen on a distant island near White Sands.

-Recipes should no longer disappear when you get advanced skills.

-Resources gathered now end up in the correct inventory again if more than one player is gathering the same resource.

-Spellweaving has been temporarily disabled for Tempest of Set due to a recent bug.

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