After Yahoo, Google Denies Lottery Prizes Too!

There is no Google Lottery dude!

As I mentioned some time ago, numerous Yahoo registered users received some interesting (but FAKE) messages which were sustaining a recent Yahoo Lottery choosing them as winners. Obviously, the prizes were extremely attractive but because it was all a fake campaign started by some spammers, there was no prize. Yahoo published a statement informing the users that the Sunnyvale company has never started a Yahoo Lottery and all the messages are fake and must be deleted as soon as they reach the inbox. Well, time passed by and it seems like the Yahoo rival Google is affected by a somehow similar problem. Although I'm not the winner of the fake Google Lottery (thank you God!), it seems like the Gmail users receive some new spam messages.

The Mountain View company sustains that even the employees working at the Googleplex received this kind of message but there is no Google Lottery yet.

"Google doesn't send unsolicited email, and we don't permit others to send unsolicited email through our mail servers. A number of unscrupulous businesses have sent out mass mailings that appear to be related to Google. We're actively pursuing all available legal means to stop these miscreants from abusing our name and your inbox," the search giant mentioned.

Now, there's not much to do than to ignore and mark as spam the email arriving into your inbox and concerning a Google Lottery. Also, please keep in mind that the Internet companies, no matter we're talking about Yahoo, Google or any other, will never demand your private information so do not ever send your username and password to an unknown person!

Just like always, the spam messages are continuously assaulting our inbox but all we need to do is to flag them as spam and help the software companies develop powerful solutions able to block the unauthorized traffic.

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