After Nuclear Test, North Korea Threatens South Korea with "Final Destruction"

The isolated country recently launched satellite and tested a nuclear device

North Korea conducted its third nuclear bomb test only a week ago, its biggest to date. It was also the smallest device to date, spreading fears that the country is getting closer to having a device small enough to fit inside one of the rockets it's also been building.

As usual, the international community was very critical of the move, but, as usual, nothing really happened and North Korea doesn't look like it cares.

In fact, it's getting bolder than ever, it has now threatened South Korea with "final destruction." It wasn't outright promise, but it wasn't a veiled attack either, "South Korea's erratic behaviour would only herald its final destruction" a North Korean diplomat told those attending the UN Conference of Disarmament.

The country argues that all of this is self-defence and that South Korea is the aggressor. Nevertheless, the UN isn't taking the comment lightly. The situation in the region seems to be escalating, even China, North Korea's last reluctant ally is critical of the latest moves.

The rocket launch late last year, the first successful one, purposely to put a satellite into orbit, was enough provocation. But the third nuclear test isn't something that can go ignored.

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