After Being Accused of Stealing Technology, LG Sues Samsung over OLED Too

This counter-lawsuit is, unfortunately, an indicator of further tension escalation

As if the Samsung-Apple patent war weren't enough of a worldwide drama, another has sparked, between Samsung and LG this time.

At the start of the month, we learned that Samsung was seeking an injunction against LG Display for marketing OLED technology that was, allegedly, stolen.

That wasn't the first time the issue came up, but it was the most memorable.

Now, though, LG Display has counter-sued Samsung, claiming that the latter is the one illegally using technology based on not one or two, but seven of its OLED design patents.

LG is seeking monetary payment of 7 billion won, or $6.26 million / 4.86 million Euro.

“This lawsuit has been filed both to enforce LG Display's intellectual property rights and promote fair competition. Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display must stop using the patents without permission,” LG said in a statement. According to Yonhap News.

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