African Lions Might Make It on the US Endangered Species List

The Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to figure out how bad these big cats are doing

Following several concerns and complaints raised by conservationists, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has finally decided that it is high time for African lions to feature on the US Endangered Species List.

Although several estimates hint at roughly 32,000 African lions still roaming the wilderness (which is quite a lot, when compared to other animal species), the fact remains that it was not very long ago when significantly more such big cats could be found in various regions.

For the time being, the Fish and Wildlife Service is waiting for the general public and for experts to provide feedback on the matter at hand.

Sources say that those wishing to express their opinion can do so in 60 days' time.

As is the case with tigers and wolves, African lions are more often than not killed by people as a result of their feeding on livestock or threatening rural communities.

Still, such clashes between humans and lions would not occur if it weren't for the people's settling in fairly close to or sometimes even at the heart of the lions' territories.

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