Affordable VoIP Server Launched by Win Enterprise

PL-01026 available in November

Win Enterprise introduces a new custom-built VoIP server that supports the Win Converged Application Platform. Win CAP is ideal for small-to-medium-size businesses and remote enterprise offices which are connected to central networks. It also enables OEM's to provide feature-rich IP PBX solutions at affordable entry-costs. The server is built following Intel Architecture specifications and it includes a low-power-consumption Pentium M CPU integrated with Intel IXP465 Network Processing Adapter. The IXP architecture is meant to free-up the CPU in order to handle application processing functions, such as transcoding incoming VoIP audio streams, local voicemail and local conference management, or storage and playback of voicemail content from e-mail feeds. This configuration is said to provide low-latency management of converged communications functions.

Win Enterprise claims that the VoIP servers will guarantee a smooth transition from analog to pure environments of the future and will provide an easily installed, secured, and managed off-shelf appliance that utilizes single communications network.

The VoIP server comes equipped with an i915GM motherboard, 1 GB of DDR2 RAM and the dedicated IXP462 Intel Network Processor card that has 128 MB onboard. Specifications also include:

■ x1 10/100 WAN

■ x4 10/100/1000 switched LAN ports

■ One 32-bit/33 MHz PCI slot

■ One MiniPCI Slot

■ IDE Compact Flash™ Socket

■ 2x SATA. - chassis support for 1X 2.5" SATA

■ DB-9 serial port with support for console Re-direction

■ Four USB 2.0 Ports - 2 externally accessible

■ 2x HSS interfaces on low profile connectors

■ Asterisk open-source software

Win Enterprise announces early November 2006 availability and prices starting from $1, 995 with quantity discounts as an option.

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