Aerocool Strike-X Product Series Includes More PSUs Now

Four models with 80Plus Bronze, Silver and even Gold rating put their boots on

Coming to offer something to pretty much every level of the market, Aerocool has announced that, starting next month, the Strike-X product line will include some new PSUs.

The last time we talked about Aerocool's Stike-X series of products was a little over a week ago, when this pair of cases showed up.

Now, the Taiwanese company has introduced some power supplies from the same line, featuring the same design theme.

In other words, they come in that black and red design, with red, apparently, being predominant, not that this matters overmuch.

After all, the PSU doesn't usually lie in a visible place, so it is still the power output, efficiency and the security features that get it to sell, along with the price.

The Strike-X PSUs are of 500W, 600W, 800W and 1,100W and feature active PFC (Power Factor Correction), as well as 13.9mm PWM fans (one each).

A single 12V rail is present on all of them, along with over wattage, over temperature, short-circuit and over current protection.

Furthermore, the newcomers are compliant with the ATX 12V 2.3 and EPS 12V 2.92 standards and boast a modular design (users can choose which cables to plug in or not).

Finally, the MTBF is of 120,000 hours and the big red 'X' on the side of the PSUs is what marks them as part of the Strike-X series.

Aerocool has not yet begun shipping these items, since availability is only set for next month, November 2011, or so reports say.

The 500W and 600W PSUs are 80Plus Bronze rated and will sell for about 44 Euro and 52 Euro, respectively ($60.79 and 71.84 Euro).

The 800W model is 80Plus Silver rated and costs 120 Euro ($165.79), while the 1,100W 80Plus Gold rated power supply will sell for 150 Euro (more or less $207.24).

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