Aerocool Launches GT Series Power Supplies

Made for mainstream users and, in the case of the strongest models, gamers

By on January 16th, 2013 12:47 GMT

Despite the slowdown in PC sales, Aerocool, like its fellow hardware makers, continues to renew its product series.

This once, it isn't a new cooler or fan series we are looking at. Instead, the company has introduced the GT series of power supply units, as well as the GT-S and GT-SG sub-series.

There are two GT models, with 500 W output (58 Euro / $58) and 700W power (75.75 Euro / $75.75).

The GT-S have the same power outputs, but cost 64.65 Euro / $64.65 and 80.69 Euro / $80.69, respectively.

Finally, the GT-SG have 500W and 700W power as well, but there is also a 1050W model. The prices, in that order, are of 100 Euro / $100, 121.5 Euro / $121.5, and 160.69 Euro / $160.69.

The product page has more information, including 80Plus certifications, modular cabling and such.

Aerocool GT PSU (3 Images)

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