Aereo Comes to Chromecast in May

Aereo is getting ready to launch its Android app next month

Aereo is showing a high dose of optimism as it announces that starting with May 29, the service will be compatible with Chromecast. The feature will be available via the Aereo app for Android on Google Play.

Although it may seem like an odd way to go about it, the new app will give users a way to watch television content on… their TVs instead of their laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

“The way people watch and experience television is changing and Google is a pioneer in providing consumers with more choice and flexibility in how they access and experience that media. We’re excited that Aereo will be Google Cast Ready this May. Consumers deserve more options and alternatives in how they watch television and our team is committed to providing consumers with the best experience possible using Aereo’s innovative cloud technology,” said Chet Kanojia, CEO and founder of Aereo.

Basically, users will simply have to download an app, set up Chromecast and launch Aereo as usual.

The company announced the Aereo app was in the works last year, setting eyes on Android mainly for Chromecast. The service is already compatible with Roxu and AppleTV, but given Chromecast’s popularity, it was only a matter of time before Aereo decided to expand in this direction.

The company has been expanding for the past year, adding more and more cities where its clever system is in place. However, broadcasters are none too happy with the company and have been suing Aereo for copyright infringement.

The case is going to be taken in front of the Supreme Court the week after the next and the decision will either make or break Aereo. A favorable decision will not only help Aereo carry on its work, but it will also likely change the way America watches TV. A decision against Aereo could possibly mean the end of the company.

Aereo basically offers antenna and DVR technology to users, giving them an edge over regular TV stations. Users can pause, rewind and fast-forward any program that they are watching live, or even save a program for future viewing.

The technology is already compatible with a series of smart devices, including tablets, phones and laptops.

Aereo is available in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Antonio and Austin, although initial plans included a lot more cities. The company is not giving up the dream however and will continue to expand.

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