Advisory: Signs That Tell You Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Lookout experts provide some valuable advice to help you keep your phone secure

Mobile malware has become a serious problem these days and experts believe that the upwards trend will continue in 2013 as well. So how can we tell if our phones have been infected with malware that allows cybercriminals to do all sorts of nasty things?

According to Lookout experts, it’s not a difficult task. All we need to do is check for a few simple signs.

First of all, regularly check out your phone bill. Many pieces of malware send out SMSs to premium rate numbers so if your device is infected, you’ll likely see some suspicious charges.

Secondly, if your smartphone is acting all crazy – suddenly opening apps, websites or advertisements, or sending text messages – it’s highly possible that it has been compromised.

Malware usually causes the battery to drain faster than usual because it constantly does something in the background.

Checking your call history and your SMSs is highly recommended. If you spot sent or received messages that you know nothing about, or phone calls to numbers you don't recognize, it might be the work of malware.

Finally, check for applications that don’t run or don’t open properly. They might be a sign that a malicious app is installed on the phone.

If you see any of these signs, immediately install a mobile antivirus solution and scan the device with it.

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