Advent 4213 Is No MSI Wind Lookalike

But is still a netbook

Keeping track and/or count of all those small-sized portable computer systems that everybody calls netbooks has become increasingly difficult these days. As mentioned in many of our previous articles, most of these netbooks have one thing in common, and that is the Intel Atom processor that is powering them. Using this small processor from Intel is currently an ongoing trend, with both major systems vendors and relatively unknown companies building their netbook systems on the Atom N270 processor. One of the most recent releases is the Advent 4213, a 10-inch portable system that, unlike its predecessor, the Advent 4211, doesn't resemble MSI's Wind.


As mentioned above, the new Advent 4213 netbook is a 10-inch portable system, running on the same Intel Atom N270 processor as most of the other netbooks on the market, including the MSI Wind and the ASUS Eee PC. Aside from the same 1.6GHz processor, this Advent netbook also packs an interesting configuration, especially if you consider the high-capacity hard drive, that will set you up with no less than 160GB of storage space. In addition, it also comes with built-in HSDPA support.


Aside from all that, other details include a weight of 1.4kg and measurements of 260 x 178 x 28mm, which makes this notebook one of the largest small, sub-notebooks currently available on the market. Price-wise, this Advent can be yours for approximately £350, and is now available from Currys and PCWorld.


As you probably have already figured it out, the new netbook from Advent has been designed to compete with all the other 10-inchers currently available on the market, including the MSI Wind U100. At this point, no one can say with certainty just how successful the Advent 4213 will be, especially given that it’s facing stiff competition from the already existing similar netbooks from established manufacturers.


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