Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.26 Released for Download

Uninstall programs and clean your computer with this free app

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is one of the most powerful tools available on the market right now that are supposed to lend a hand to users trying to get rid of installed programs and clean their computers of toolbars or invalid registry entries.

A new version was officially released a few minutes ago, bringing some new options, as well as enhanced support for all Windows versions currently on the market.

The official release notes point out that version 11.25 comes with a new add-on that helps users monitor computers and get reports with just a few clicks.

“Daily Health Check is a brand new an add-on to the Advanced Uninstaller PRO suite! It will continuously monitor your PC, display a brief report when something comes up and allow you to perform all necessary maintenance tasks through one ‘Fix all’ button!” the official release notes point out.

The application is offered free of charge, which is quite impressive given the fact that it comes with so many tools, and relies on a rather simple and straightforward interface that makes it easy for users who launch it for the first time.

It includes basically all the tools you would ever need to optimize your computer, including tools to uninstall software, clean the computer, clean the Start Menu, manage fonts, enable or disable startup items and check out the services that are configured to run at boot.

As far as file and registry tools are concerned, users are allowed to search for duplicate filters, clean or optimize the registry, shred files so that they won’t be recoverable, and clean your computer of temporary files.

As said, Advanced Uninstaller Pro works on all Windows versions on the market, including the newly-launched Windows 8.1 OS. Of course, it’s only compatible with the desktop flavor of the operating system, as no Metro build is available at this point.

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