Advanced Biomedical Research Company Hacked to Promote OpBigBrother

Hackers are fighting against mass surveillance operations led by governments

The site of Biotectix, a research company that focuses its efforts on developing materials that could improve the electrical and biological performance of medical devices, has been hacked to promote the hacktivist operation known as OpBigBrother.

CWN informs that the hacker known as Darwinare is responsible for the breach.

He defaced the news section of Biotectix’s site to advertise OpBigBrother, a campaign whose main goal is to maintain the freedom of people by fighting against government and corporate surveillance.

The immediate goals of this operation are raising awareness and collecting proof by hacking into various targeted websites.

For the time being, it’s uncertain if the site is a random target or if the attack is really against Biotectix or its parent company, Allied Minds.

At the time of writing, the site is still defaced.

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