Adorable Seal Uses Its Charms to Trick Keepers into Overfeeding It

They grey seal ends up gaining 18 st (124 kg) in just nine months

A seal named Yule Log must now go on a diet and try to make amends for the fact that, throughout the past few months, it has been using its charms to trick its keepers into overfeeding it. Apparently, this animal managed to gain a whopping 18 st (124 kg) in just nine months' time.

Yule Log now weighs an impressive 50 st (850 kg), and since this number is fairly close the maximum weight for its species, it need not surprise us that the people working at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, Corwall, now want to see it shed some pounds.

Daily Mail quotes animal care assistant Jenny Lewis, who admitted that, “He's such a lovable character I haven't been able to resist giving him the odd extras at feeding time.”

Hopefully, Yule Log will agree to go on a diet and not give its caretakers too much grief about it.

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