Adobe Lightroom for Mobile Devices Coming Soon

An early beta version of the application was showcased last year at Photoshop World show

Adobe is the maker of some of the most popular image editing applications on the market and recently the company decided to take this one step further by releasing mobile versions for these amazing programs.

That being said, it seems that the Flash maker is planning to introduce a mobile version for the popular Lightroom software. 9To5Mac discovered a (now deleted) product listing on Adobe's page that shows Lightroom for mobile with an annual subscription fee of $99.

According to an Adobe support employee, the company's tagline for the upcoming product is “Take Lightroom anywhere”. The same source states that Lightroom for mobile has been especially designed for the iPad and comes with similar features as the desktop version of the app.

This is not the first time we hear about a mobile version of Lightroom. Last year, during a private session at the Photoshop World show, Adobe presented an early version of the software and now it seems that the company is ready to reveal it to the public. What are your expectations regarding the upcoming Lightroom for iPad release?

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