Adobe Hackers Breach Limo Company, Steal Details of 850,000 Customers

Celebrities, executives and lawmakers are impacted by the incident

The hackers who breached Adobe and PR Newswire appear to be responsible for another major cyberattack. According to Brian Krebs, the cybercriminals have stolen the records of 850,000 people from CorporateCarOnline, a Missouri-based company.

CorporateCarOnline provides software management solutions for limousine companies. The firm’s products are used to help limo operators with reservation management, dispatching, scheduling, invoicing and other operations.

It seems that the company’s systems store the personal and financial details of over 850,000 individuals, including celebrities, executives and lawmakers. The stolen details include names, addresses, credit card numbers, and expiry dates.

Krebs reports that CorporateCarOnline has confirmed that the information has been stolen from their systems, but refused to provide any additional details.

It’s possible that the attackers exploited a ColdFusion vulnerability in the company’s website to gain access to all that data.

The list of people whose information has been compromised in the attack includes American basketball player LeBron James, football quarterback Aaron Rodgers, actor Tom Hanks and Donald Trump.

The details of US senators Mark Udall, John Breaux and Tom Daschle, and US representatives Joe Garcia, Gus Bilirakis, Jim Matheson, Lynn Westmoreland, Joe Baca and others are also in the leaked file.

The file, found on the same server on which Adobe and PR Newswire files were found, also includes some information that could be considered valuable by tabloids. For instance, there are complete details regarding the condition of a limo rented in 2006 by a woman working for MTV.

According to limo service’s report, the car was “left in a complete mess.” The customer was charged an extra $100 for cleaning services.

Searching for certain words – such as “police,” “arrest” and “smoking pot” – reveals some interesting details about the people who rented cars.

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