Adobe Allegedly Hacked, Attacker Claims He Gained Access to 150,000 Records

An Egyptian hacker has taken credit for the breach

An Egyptian hacker called ViruS_HimA claims to have breached the systems of Adobe. To prove the fact that he has gained unauthorized access to the company’s systems, he has leaked a file containing the records of 230 customers.

Although he has published only 230 data sets – comprising names, email addresses and encrypted passwords (MD5) –, the hacker states that he has gained access to over 150,000 records, including the details of employees of NASA, the US Military, Google, educational institutions, the Federal Aviation Administration and various other organizations.

“I have Hacked into one of Adobe servers, gained full access to it, dumped the database,” reads a message posted next to the data leak.

The hacker claims that Adobe’s security team will be provided with “in depth details.”

“I'm not looking to ruin Adobe business so I will leak only emails @ ‘’, ‘*.mil, ‘*.gov’ with screen shot as a proof of concept,” he explained.

Apparently, Adobe has been targeted because, despite the fact that they’re a large company, they don’t care about the security issues reported to them.

“It takes 5-7 days for the notification that they've received your report!! It even takes 3-4 months to patch the vulnerabilities! Such big companies should really respond very fast and fix the security issues as fast as they can, (sic)” the hacker wrote.

“Don't be like Microsoft, Yahoo security teams!! But be like Google security team,” he added.

He claims that he will soon release data stolen from Yahoo’s systems.

In the meantime, Computerworld informs that Adobe is aware of the hacker’s claims and they’re currently investigating the leaked data. We’ll return with more information after they determine if their systems have been in fact breached.

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