Adobe AIR Now Compatible with iOS 7, OS X Mavericks “App Nap” Feature

"iOS 7 is approaching and we are making sure that AIR is compatible," says Adobe

After unleashing a new version of Flash Player on Mac and Windows, Adobe this week rolled out a new AIR beta for iOS and OS X developers, adding support for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, among other things.

Adobe AIR Beta now fully supports Apple’s upcoming mobile OS, with the development team noting that “iOS 7 is approaching and we are making sure that AIR is compatible and performs as expected.”

OS X Mavericks is also supported by the new AIR beta. Specifically, Apple’s new “App Nap” feature is now compatible with any applications coded in AIR for the new Mac OS.

App Nap helps Mac users (particularly MacBook users) save power when they’re working with multiple apps simultaneously.

Apple reveals on its web site that “OS X can tell when an app is completely hidden behind other windows. And if that app isn’t currently doing something for you — playing music, downloading a file, or checking email, for example — App Nap conserves valuable battery life by slowing the app down.”

The major benefit posed by App Nap is that any application left idle will instantly snap back to reality, running at full speed, when you start using it again.

“It’s so seamless you'll think it had been running that way all along,” Apple says.

Other new features in Adobe AIR Beta include Mobile Workers (concurrency) for Android, mobile support for background execution in “Direct” Render Mode, new and improved AOT for AIR iOS, and XXHDPI icon support.

On Windows, the same Adobe AIR beta includes “new features for out-of-browser applications across platforms.”

Download Adobe AIR for Mac OS X (Free)

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