Adobe's Free Word Processor Barks At Google

Adobe acquired Virtual Ubiquity

If you never heard of it, Buzzword is one of the technologies which come as the perfect web-based word processor for numerous Internet consumers, allowing them to create and store documents online. But what's more important is that its owner, Virtual Ubiquity never managed to make Buzzword one of the top web technologies but the things might be changed very soon. Adobe announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Virtual Ubiquity and make Buzzword more powerful than before. Obviously, Adobe can do this with ease by implementing its own solutions and, according to the company's officials, it already included an online file sharing system, codename 'Share', which will help the users store documents online.

Buzzword offers pretty impressive word processing features which might get other rivals in trouble if the new parent company Adobe managed to improve and promote them to reach new customers. The most important aspect is that Buzzword is based on collaborative functions that are supposed to allow multiple users to edit the documents from different locations. Google Docs & Spreadsheets, the search giant's solution, might represent the main competitor for Buzzword.

"For over a decade, Adobe Acrobat software and PDF have been the standard way people share and collaborate on high value documents across platforms, with perfect fidelity. Buzzword will build on that leadership and enable fundamental improvements in how people collaborate on documents," said David Mendels, senior vice president, Business Productivity Business Unit at Adobe. "At the same time, it is an exciting showcase of the power of Adobe's RIA technology that raises the bar for the quality of experience people should expect in their applications."

The terms of the deal were not yet disclosed as the transaction is supposed to be finalized in November this year.

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