Adele as Mrs. Doubtfire Tumblr Goes Viral

The Internet has spoken: singing sensation and film character have a lot in common

The Internet has spoken: there is a connection between multi-Grammy winning singer Adele and Mrs. Doubtfire, the fictional female character played by Robin Williams in the 1990 movie of the same name.

A Tumblr page called simply “What if Adele was Mrs. Doubtfire?” has been created and, ever since, it’s getting people all sorts of excited.

The purpose of the page is to show that a connection between the two exists by having users upload photos of Mrs. Doubtfire with Adele’s face or the other way around. Like the image above, for instance.

The Wrap notes that the Tumblr page is already being dubbed “the best Tumblr ever created” or in more simple and effective terms “Best. Tumblr. Ever.”

Then again, you often come across such superlatives online. You be the judge.

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