Addonics Launches Encrypted Cipher RAID Storage Devices

They are called Cipher RAID Rack and the Cipher RAID Tower

At first glance, one might think that the new storage devices from Addonics are of the NAS variety, but a read through their specifications and press release will disavow people of that notion easily.

Network-attached storage devices have at least one LAN port (local area network). They wouldn't be network-connected otherwise.

The Addonics Cipher RAID Rack and the Cipher RAID Tower both lack such connectivity. Instead, they employ a single eSATA or USB cable to connect computers directly.

That makes them backup solutions at best, though the use of RAID configurations mostly gave that away.

Speaking of backup, Addonics has also made it a point to ensure the security of whatever is stored on the newcomers.

Both the Cipher RAID Rack and the Cipher RAID Tower have AES 256-bit hardware encryption. It needs no software but codifies files anyway.

A simple insertion of a cypher key will activate the encryption and decryption processes (FIPS certified hardware crypto engine). Addonics compares the process to opening a door with a key. For convenience and ease of use, both processes are done on-the-fly.

As for capacity, both newcomers can hold up to four 3.5-inch SATA hard drives, with the only difference being the positioning system.

The tower stacks them on top of one another, while the rack has them side by side, to occupy less space and make it easy to place several identical Cyper RAID racks on top of the other.

Addonics says that “both products are ideal for securing large volumes of sensitive information, data archiving or video.”

1U R14CCES RAID Rack is priced at $389 / 389 Euro and the CRT5SNHEU3 Cipher RAID Tower is a $399 / 399 Euro product. They can add or remove drives with no need for tools or drive trays. Operating systems can be made to see the RAID setup as a single volume or individual partitions.


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