Additional Windows Mobile 7 Details Emerge

Via LinkedIn profiles

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft is hard at work with the development of the future iteration of its mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 7, yet it chooses to remain silent on the novelties that one should expect for the upcoming platform version to include. However, various details on the OS emerged already into the wild, through various sources, one of which proves to be the LinkedIn profiles.

MSFTKitchen has just got a new series of info on the platform, based on the findings from searching through the aforementioned profiles. Even if LinkedIn is not the most trusty source of info on the Windows Mobile area, it can still deliver some details that are not available from any other source, and we'll mention some of those just unveiled by Stephen Chapman.

Among them, would be the fact that Motorola is working on an RSS application for the next-generation Windows Mobile 7. The handset vendor has been rumored at a certain point to plan leaving Windows Mobile out of its future plans, yet other news on the matter already pointed out that Motorola refused only the 6.5 iteration of the platform, and that it will be back in the game as soon as Windows Mobile 7 is here. The new info seems to confirm just that.

Other than that, the details point towards Silverlight prototypes and apps for Windows Mobile 7, confirming the support for the technology the OS will have, as well as touch gesture support, a relationship between Windows Mobile 7 and SharePoint, the availability of Internet Explorer 7 for WM7, a game UX that is being developed by the Mobile Entertainment / Zune division from Microsoft, and others more.

The newly discovered details show that Windows Mobile 7 will indeed be something more than just an update for the currently available flavors of the platform. As WMPowerusers notes, WM7 might come as a version that will be “addressing most consumer issues such as browsing, gaming and media access,” while also bringing to the table a brand new user interface, perhaps one that will be based on Silverlight.

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