Add Custom Background Images to Emails with Yahoo Mail Beta

One of the reasons why people like Yahoo Mail is that it doesn't take itself to seriously and has a lighter and fun side as well. For example, you can use funky, colorful fonts in your emails and the interface is equally visually rich.

Another tool you could use to spice up your messages is Stationery, which enabled users to add custom background images to emails.

Stationary is now back in Yahoo Mail Beta, which was missing the feature, and can be found in the list of apps available to all users.

"With the latest release of Yahoo! Mail Beta, one new feature that is now included is the ability to add stationery (background colors and image templates) to your messages," Miriam Geller, Director of Product Management for Yahoo! Mail, wrote.

Using it is easy, just click on the Stationery link in the Applications list and you'll be able to choose the image you want to use. There are nine categories to choose from each with several background images so the selection is varied enough.

After you find a background to your liking, select it and you will be redirected to a new message tab with the image already added. Whomever you send it to will see the custom background image in their email client.

"Stationery is a feature that existed in the previous version of Yahoo! Mail. Since the release of Yahoo! Mail Beta, we have gotten feedback from customers asking us to bring this feature back," Yahoo explained.

With a lot of users asking for its return, Yahoo decided to bring it back. Since it already has a powerful app platform for Yahoo Mail, it was easy to implement the feature as an external app rather than build it directly into Yahoo Mail.

"We listened and are happy to report that with the help of a 3rd party developer and our Yahoo! Mail Development Platform, we were able to do just that," Yahoo said.

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