Ad Asks People How They Feel About Being Probed by Aliens

The ad is to be unveiled during the International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival

Those attending this year's International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival in Fountain Hills, Arizona, are quite likely to get the opportunity to answer one very simple question: are they or are they not afraid of being probed by aliens?

The people getting ready to pop this unusual question are members of green-oriented group PETA.

As their ad (i.e. the one made available to you in the picture above) explains, animals are terribly scared when it comes to their being subjected to such terrifying experiences.

Therefore, those who believe in aliens and what they can do to people should wholeheartedly agree to only purchase cruelty-free cosmetics.

“Experiments on animals are painful, deadly, and unreliable. If the thought of being a 'guinea pig' used by aliens to test cosmetics frightens you, then you should never buy products tested on animals,” argues PETA Senior Vice President of Laboratory Investigations Kathy Guillermo.

For the time being, PETA is yet to reach an agreement with local advertisers so as to have a billboard showing this image installed in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

However, the organization is quite confident that they will eventually succeed in displaying this ad.

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