Adam Newman Is Dead: Michael Muhney’s Last Scene on “Young & The Restless” Is Out

Fans were forced to say goodbye to favorite character and actor, still blame CBS

As announced late last year, Michael Muhney’s much beloved character on “The Young and The Restless” would not appear on the soap opera anymore after January 30, when he would be killed off. Below is a video of the moment Adam Newman breathed his last breath.

Muhney announced that CBS had terminated his contract in December but wouldn’t say what had led to this decision. He did indicate though that his “big mouth” had something to do with it.

As of January, there have been several reports making the rounds online, trying to explain the brass’ decision to let Muhney go when it’s clear that Adam, his character, and especially his portrayal of Adam are a hit with fans.

Many of these reports claim that co-star Hunter King complained to producers that Muhney assaulted her on a couple of occasions by grabbing her breast. No police report was ever filed regarding the alleged incident.

Other rumors have “Y&R” veteran Eric Braeden (aka Victor Newman) involved as well, in the sense that either he wanted to have Muhney fired all along and sabotaged him to producers, or he backed up King when she asked for Muhney’s dismissal for the same reason.

From what we’ve heard so far from the fans on all the articles dedicated to the Michael Muhney scandal, many of them will stop watching the soap opera after January 30 if CBS doesn’t bring him back, even those of them who had been tuning in religiously for it for over 2 decades.

As for how writers chose to say goodbye to Adam, it wasn’t exactly the most original death ever on screen: he died of a gunshot wound or, if that didn’t kill him, he probably perished in the subsequent car crash.

Of course, worse things have happened to TV characters and, somehow, they still made it out alive if someone “up there” really wanted them to survive. What we’re saying is that, should CBS ever reconsider their stance on firing Muhney, they could bring Adam Newman back. Whether they would ever do that is highly debatable though, even though fans are determined to boycott the show otherwise.

As a fan, how do you feel about Adam’s death? What about the “Young and Restless” controversy: do you think CBS handled Muhney’s departure in a sound manner? Do you plan on watching the show after yesterday’s episode? Let us know in the comments section below.

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