Adam Levine's Clothing Line for Kmart Almost Sold Out

Marron 5 lead singer debuted his apparel and accessories collection for Kmart last month

It seems that Adam is not only a great singer and an amazing coach on The Voice, but also a great clothes designer, his Kmart collection literally flying off the shelves last month. We don't know if shoppers bought the clothes for the name or for the design, but either way, the line was a hit.

After Nicki Minaj's Kmart collection, which, according to The Cut ended up to be unwearable, came Adam's turn to try and launch a fashionable clothing line. As opposed to Nicki's body-hugging, flashy, bright pieces, Adam's hipster vibe made his designs a success.

Adam focused on creating a menswear collection described as “designs that I would actually have in my closet,” items that are “basic, simple and timeless.”

The line was targeted at young, active Kmart customers who search for a clean-cut contemporary look, putting Levine on track to become one of the most successful retailer collaborations.

"The white space is for that younger, upwardly mobile [male] Kmart customer that wants a cleaned-up lifestyle product that still has a contemporary feel to it. That's not really covered on the floor today. To that extent, I think Adam has the ability to be Kmart's Calvin Klein business," the Kmart President tells WWD.

Even if the comparison between Adam and Calvin Klein might seem far-fetched, Kmart is enjoying a lot of success thanks to the association with the Maroon 5 vocalist.

The best part is that you don't need a big budget to afford Adam's designs because the prices are affordable: apparel items can be found at around $59.99 (€44.48), while accessories are $17 (€12.60) at most.

Though Adam seems to be really busy lately, working on music with Maroon 5, starting his acting career and coaching his team on The Voice, he still finds the time to design clothes. After hitting success with menswear, he has now started designing a line for the ladies as well.

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