Adam Lanza's Hair Stylist Says He Never Spoke While Getting a Haircut

Watch an interview with a man that knew the Newtown killer for years

Adam Lanza became known to the public due to the gruesome event in Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, Connecticut, in which he shot to death 27 people, him included.

As I noted before, nobody in his high-school class or college seem to have known Adam. He was always described as quiet, and some teachers didn't even remember who he was.

As a teenager, his mother would take him to get haircuts with the man featured in the interview above. Bob Skuba tells reporters that he had Adam as a client for years, yet he would never talk to him.

As the boy was very quiet, he tried to approach him. When it was his round for a haircut, Adam wouldn't even budge without his mother instructing him to.

“He wouldn't look up. He looked down the whole time, so he wouldn't even make eye-contact. He wouldn't talk to me,” Skuba recalls.

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