Adam Lambert Talks Inspiration Behind Upcoming Album 'Trespassing'

Touring and connecting with the fans have helped him grow as an artist, he says

In March 2012, Adam Lambert is coming out with the follow-up to his insanely successful debut album “For Your Entertainment,” a studio material called “Trespassing.” Asked by PressParty to list the influences for it, Adam includes the fans first.

It's a known fact that Adam is very close to his Glamberts, as he calls his fans, to whom he talks on a regular basis on Twitter and whenever he gets the chance.

He's now listing them as the number one factor that has helped him mature as an artist and thus be able to record “Trespassing,” his most personal release to date.

Getting to go on tour and meet the fans is an experience that made the second album posisble.

“I think having experienced the journey of releasing my debut and touring the world gave me more insight into the artist I have grown into and who my incredible fans are,” Adam says.

“For 'Trespassing,' I felt I was ready to write music from my experiences and give a very honest emotional portrayal of my desires and fears. Both dark and light,” he says.

“While exploring these themes I realized how universal my topics were. I think part of the beauty of song is how they connect people. Whether they're dancing or crying, the best songs resonate with the masses,” he adds.

The same goes for the theme of equality, also present in Adam's music and, of course, on his upcoming material.

Openly gay himself, Adam still refuses to be labeled by his orientation, especially when it comes to his achievements as a singer, insisting that all you have to do is think outside the box to see that his songs are suitable for a wide array of occasions, both genders, and, as it happens, both orientations.

“I wrote 'Outlaws' about the many challenges the gay community faces and how hopeless it sometimes makes me feel. After I shared it with friends, it became clear that the lyrics could be interpreted in so many ways,” Adam says of the first song from the album to come out.

“I later visualized it underscoring scenes from 'Bonnie and Clyde', 'Twilight', 'Milk' or even 'The Color Purple'. Adversity has many faces. My intention is that the tracks on 'Trespassing' strike a chord with all walks of life,” he says.

For the full interview with Adam, please see here.

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