Adam Lambert Rocks the Stage at MNET Music Awards

Star thrills fans in Hong Kong with 2-song medley

It’s always a pleasure to see and hear Adam Lambert perform live so, for those of us who can’t possibly follow him around whenever he does it, it’s great we still have the Internet to help us out.

Above is Adam’s recent performance at the MNET Music Awards in Hong Kong. As you can see for yourself, he delivered precisely the kind of show fans have come to expect of him.

Adam and his band kicked off with an older single, “Whataya Want from Me” before getting the fans on their feet with a more recent release, “Tresspassing.”

Looking awesome in a yellow and black, studded leather jacket, rocking lots of eyeliner and eyeshadow and Movember facial hair, Adam danced, sang and literally poured his heart out in the performance. You know, kind of like he always does only better.

Check out the video above and, useless to say, enjoy!

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