Adam Lambert Records Duet with Christina Aguilera

Two of the most powerful voices of our times are coming together: Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera have recorded a duet together. No release date or official title for the song has yet been announced.

If the collaboration was meant to be a secret, a radio station blew the lid on it, going on the record with the reported duet by tweeting about it, AceShowbiz informs.

“The rumor was first brought to attention by Tampa Bay radio station 93.3 via its Twitter page on Thursday afternoon, June 2,” the e-zine says.

Since nothing is official just yet, the radio station too first classified the duet as just a rumor.

“Uhhh not sure if this is out yet but a little birdie just told us that @AdamLambert has recorded a song with Christina Aguilera,” the first tweet read.

The second one, though, literally sent fans into a frenzy, as someone from the radio station claimed to have listened to the duet.

“We sat in a mtng in NYC where his label played us a minute of a new song,” the second tweet read.

If true and the two did record a song together, it could either be in included on Christina’s upcoming material or on Adam’s, since they’re both working on new albums right now.

Both projects are believed to be of a very personal nature, with the singers drawing on their personal experience of the past year or so for inspiration.

With this in mind, Aguilera’s will probably be darker, one may assume.

In an older interview with MTV (also cited by AceShowbiz), Adam said that he was more involved in writing for his sophomore material because he aimed to make it more personal – and listening to it a more intimate experience, if you will.

“I think I’ve probably written about 18 to 20 songs. I’ve been spending the past two and a half months in the studio,” he said, describing the already recorded material as “the most personal songs, the most powerful songs.”

“I really want it to be something that’s really honest and real,” Adam added.

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