Adam Lambert Brings Hollywood Glamour in Mike Ruiz Photos

Singer is incredibly dapper in artsy photos

Model turned famed photographer Mike Ruiz has joined forces with none other than the god of glam rock Adam Lambert for a series of photos that will undoubtedly make for a stunning photospread. Ruiz himself made the photos available online via his Twitter and Facebook page, and, suffice it to say that both pics show Adam bringing old Hollywood glamour back.

“Just got home from The Blonds runway show. It was off the hook! Incredible! Here’s a pic of me with my pals, Jay...” Ruiz says. Later on, he uploaded a photo of him and Lambert at the same event, only to return shortly thereafter to upload two pictures from the photoshoot. “Here is a shot of Adam serving some Old Hollywood from our shoot a couple of days ago. More Adam from our photoshoot!!!” Ruiz wrote.

The first photo uploaded shows Adam lying down on a white bearskin and, not only is he fully dressed but he’s also incredibly elegant in a navy blue coat and white shirt. With his hair parted on the side and literally glowing from that much hair gel, smoky eyes makeup, dark blue nail polish, and gaze fixed somewhere behind the camera, Adam is the very picture of class and elegance. Always the glamorous rock ‘n’ roll star, Adam chose to make a contrasting note with an oversized ring that almost looks too heavy to lift.

The second photo is equally fabulous, though it has a little bit more attitude to it. Dressed this time in a beige coat with an open-neck shirt and brown trousers, Adam would almost resemble a gangster if it weren’t for the heavy eye makeup that makes his blue, piercing eyes stand out. Behind him is a larger portrait of a male model whose face is hidden by Lambert’s body – only a muscular arm is in sight. Still, this second pic seems to create the impression of a snapshot, as if Ruiz caught him just as he was about to go somewhere.

Adam Lambert’s photos by Mike Ruiz show that he is not just a slave to fashion, as some naysayers were quick to catalog him: he can also make fashion look good, which is why some have already been prompted to say he would probably do good as a model as well. Keep an eye on this space for when the entire photospread comes out.


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